Kiwi making the move to London

So, I have always played with the idea of writing a blog. I have never been one to really write a lot but now that I have made the move to London I thought it would be a great start to tell my journey.

It all started in 2016. It had always been on my mind to take advantage of the Working Holiday scheme offered to us Kiwis. I had been at my job for 10 years and knew that I needed to do something outside my comfort zone. Putting it into perspective, I knew it was going to be the right move for me. Who wouldn’t want to go to one of the most amazing, talked about cities in the world purely to work and travel? Sounded like it would be the perfect change in my life that that I needed.

I had to start telling friends/family/workmates. I knew this part was going to be tough. The response I got from my workplace was amazing. Everyone was so happy for me and they knew I needed to do something like this in my life. Why not? Friends and Family were just as supportive of the idea. I had talked about it for years but had never actually put a plan into action. Although I had a great response from my friends and family, deep down I knew how much I was going to miss them. Family is a huge part of my life. My relationship with my parents is amazing and I have a great brother and sister who I am also really close with. I really feel like i’m the luckiest girl alive to have the family I do.My friends are just as amazing – I have always just had close friends rather than a huge amount of acquaintances but I like it that way!

It started getting closer to D day and the nerves were kicking in. Everything was sorted. Visas, Flights and accommodation for when I arrived. Things were getting real. I was having mixed emotions of nervousness and excitement! We are just so lucky these days with technology. Although I may be thousands of miles away I knew that I would still be able to chat to friends and family back home as much as I liked. Because lets face it – being that far away from such amazing people in my life was going to be extremely tough. But its LONDON!

I was lucky enough to have two other friends on board with me to venture to London so we would all be  in this together. I really take my hat off to anyone that is able to do it themselves. I don’t think I would of been able to do it without them!

The day had finally come! I had said my goodbyes to my family that I knew weren’t going to be coming to the airport. And my friends had come to say the goodbyes. Goodbyes are certainly the worst part. But it wasn’t really goodbye.. more, “See you later”. Before we left for the airport I had to say goodbye to the dogs. Poor things didn’t really know what was happening. There were tears! Getting to the airport and sitting with my close family was all very fine. That was until we got to the departure lounge where I had to wave goodbye to them all watching we walk through. We aren’t generally a family of criers but it was all a bit emotional! I was a mess but knew I would be seeing them again.

Okay, that’s enough writing for today – My next blog will be based on my flight and arrival into London. First impressions etc.

Hope this is alright for my first go at a blog post!

Jen xx


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